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ABOUT MEMost of my work has been working with entertainers and artest on stages large and small some of my work with my team can be seen HERE. When I am home I am photographing weddings. What I have learned is that having the ability to document live event photography accurately connecting the subject to the viewer without a reduction in the live show feeling and stage presence is an art within itself. This ability has given me a unique approach to wedding photography as well as the ability to remove or minimize the challenge of connecting with a subject that is not normally in front of the lens    

TECHNICAL BACKGROUNDAs  founder of New England Concert Reviews andNew Hampshire Photographers , I have been a professional photographer photographing people in there natural environment for over 25 years my photography has taken me all over the United States and to many countries with many of my high profile clients. My gear is mainly Nikon and Leica I am capable to photo in any condition you can think of from the mountains to the sea.                        

PRICING We charge by the hour we have fund that this is the most fair way to work for both the client and the photographer. We do not believe in locking you in to a “package” that really can’t be a one size fits all. Contact us I will work with you to define a quote that suits your needs    


Hampton Beach NH 

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